Private Wireless Networks with NDAC

Nokia Digital
Automation Cloud

Infinity Technology Solutions will usher your enterprise into the digital age with private LTE networks that bring reliable, low-latency connectivity to every inch of your operation. With Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless solutions, you can optimize digital technologies to enhance automation, maximize safety and security, and achieve higher levels of quality-control, efficiency, and productivity.

Compatible with 4.9G technology and the world’s first private 5G standalone solution, Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is as robust as any Ethernet connection, and deployable in 20 minutes or less.

Infinity Technology Solutions enables enterprises to digitally connect their critical operations in real-time with its simple and dependable plug-and-play network.

Private Wireless Made Easy

Secure Private Wireless

Nokia’s DAC is cutting-edge cloud, machine learning, and analytics platforms developed by the world-renowned researchers at Nokia Bell Labs. Their innovations enable your enterprise to succeed in the modern digital economy.

Private LTE offers manufacturing, logistics, airports, warehousing, ports, mining concerns, the utilities, campuses, and other industries and institutions the following benefits:

  • The Highest Reliability
  • Intrinsic Security
  • Pervasive Indoor and Outdoor Coverage
  • Predictable Performance
  • High Multi-User Capacity
  • Full Mobility

Infinity Technology Solutions: Your Premier Provider of Secure Private Wireless

As your premier private wireless solutions experts, Infinity Technology Solutions offers:

EngineeringPlanning, designing, and staging, along with installation and cutover for your private 5G wireless network.

Project ManagementAddressing scope and cost management, scheduling, site development, and system training.

System IntegrationInfinity offers full interoperability with all IP protocols to implement our solutions with any legacy system.

Maintenance – Infinity provides the full Nokia warranty, as well as ongoing maintenance support and service programs.

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