Private Wireless Networks

Taking the enterprise into the digital age with a private wireless network brings reliable, low-latency connectivity to every inch of its operations. Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless solution helps you use digital technologies to increase automation, ensure safety and security, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Based on proven 4.9G technology and the world’s first private, 5G standalone solution, industrial-grade private wireless is easy to deploy, as robust and capable as Ethernet, and provides a smooth upgrade path to future releases of 5G. It can digitally connect all your critical operations in real time, no matter how fast the parts are moving. You can deploy it anywhere, use and operate it as you see fit, and rely on it to provide simple, dependable plug-and-play networking.

With our industrial-grade private wireless solutions – Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and Modular Private Wireless (MPW) – you can realize your digital ambitions now and be prepared for whatever comes next.

PLTE with Nokia

The Nokia DAC solutions draw on cutting-edge cloud, machine learning, and analytics platforms developed by the world-renowned researchers at Nokia Bell Labs. These innovations give you the edge you need to succeed in the new age of industry.

Private wireless solutions offer manufacturing, logistics, airports, container ports, mining, utilities, campuses, and more the following benefits:

  • Very high reliability
  • Intrinsic security
  • Pervasive coverage for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Predictable performance
  • High multi-user capacity
  • Full mobility

Modular Private Wireless

Your Personalized Digital Transformation

With Nokia’s Modular Private Wireless (MPW), you can construct private 4.9G/LTE networks for small or large industrial sites, and field area networks. Compatible for indoor and outdoor use, MPW enables you to meet your connectivity goals as an enterprise. If you’re a mobile operator, MPW also allows you to offer secure MVNO services on a national scale.

Industrial-grade private wireless networking with MPW allows you to:

  • Securely connect machines, sensors, and workers on a scalable network
  • Provide network access, priority, and optimal performance for every application and user
  • Control and secure your proprietary data
  • Make the transition to 5-G.


The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is our end-to-end, enterprise-grade PLTE platform, connecting all your business operations and processes. Meanwhile, our Nokia Modular Private Wireless offering provides customers the flexibility to choose what network elements they need to supplement their existing network architecture. In other words, NDAC offers a complete network solution, while MDW enables you to pick and choose when it comes to optimizing your network.

Private LTE: Use Case

How Sempra Renewables uses Nokia’s Private LTE network with Qualcomm’s chipsets to send wind turbine data to the OSIsoft PI System and cut 90% of the cost of repairing pitch assemblies.

Benefits of private LTE and digitalization turning ports into Port 4.0. Watch digital automation use cases and opportunities including drones and video surveillance.


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