Cellular and Broadband Solutions
for Transportation

Enterprise-Grade Communications Solutions for The Transportation Industry

Infinity Technology Solutions is your go-to source for Nokia’s portfolio of ultra broadband, private wireless, and converged network solutions for commercial transportation organizations.

From air-to-ground cellular for airlines, converged networks for intelligent highways, broadband solutions for digital railways, to private wireless for ports, Infinity will modernize and accelerate your transportation system.

Aviation Cellular Connectivity Solutions for Smart Airports

LTE air-to-ground cellular connectivity helps your airline gain an advantage over the competition. When you and your passengers are airborne, you’re often cut off from digital services. Infinity Technology Solutions aims to change that. With Nokia’s LTE Air-To-Ground solution, we offer ultra broadband Wi-Fi aboard commercial flights.

Current cellular technology on airplanes is bulky and expensive, providing limited speed and capacity. We make ultra broadband connectivity available to all your customers to vastly enhance their travel experience.

For your passengers at the airport, Nokia cellular solutions for airports streamlines all of your different networks into a single converged network for greater reliability, control, security, and customer satisfaction.

With our IP/MPLS solutions, we are also reinventing mission-critical communications for ground-to-ground air traffic control.

Converged Networking for Intelligent Highway Solutions

With Infinity’s cutting-edge converged network solutions from Nokia, our future highways will be less congested and less dangerous. Intelligent highway solutions will enable you as an operator to collect vast amounts of information from cameras, laser scanners, and motion sensors to make for safer and more pleasant travel. 

Our current highway communication systems are outdated and clunky. Costly and unreliable information causes accidents. Real-time data is necessary to control our entire highway infrastructure from end-to-end.

From digital signage that keeps drivers informed to video analytics that records and transmits accident data in real-time, you will soon be able to alert cars through their infotainment systems, while responding quickly and efficiently to critical incidents.

We are entering an age of automated vehicles and intelligent highway communication solutions that will require the converged networking infrastructure Infinity provides.

The Digital Railway

Mainline and metro transit railways need to provide safe and reliable transportation to millions of travelers and goods every day. With Infinity’s cellular connectivity solutions, we offer universal broadband for railways with ultra high bandwidths and the lowest latency possible.

As a railroad operator, the exchange of information is vital to the success of your enterprise. You need to ensure trains run on time. Automating your network with IoT sensors and advanced analytics improves scheduling by 66% on average.

Security is a major concern of railways. Nokia broadband solutions from Infinity protect your rail system from DDoS attacks, assist you in identity access management, and help you encrypt your data to safeguard your network from cybercriminals. 

Make for a better passenger experience with on-board connectivity, and run more efficient and secure rail lines with our broadband solutions for digital railways.

Nokia Industrial-Grade
Private Wireless for Ports

The cargo at your port never stops moving, and you need a network capable of maximizing your throughput. With Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless network, you gain visibility and full control of both manned and remote operations at every corner of your terminal.

With Nokia PLTE, data passes seamlessly between your vehicles, cranes, and people. Our private wireless for maritime transport enables ship-to-shore connectivity for a faster, more efficient operation.

To manage increasing shipping traffic, deal with supply-chain issues, and expedite handling times, you need a network that will empower greater operational control and real-time monitoring through drones, IoT sensors, and other devices.

The smart ports of the future will require a network that can handle the increasingly high volume of goods, boosting cargo throughput.

Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia for Transportation

As a master distributor of Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions offers cutting-edge broadband connectivity solutions for transportation.

We collaborate with the airlines, highway operators, railways, and maritime ports to provide the best cellular solutions for your industry. For more information, give us a call or fill out the contact form below.

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