Nokia NDAC and MPW Solutions
for Educational Institutions

Private Wireless Networks for Primary and Secondary Education

Infinity Technology Solutions sells, installs, and services Nokia’s entire portfolio of private LTE networks for education. Our PLTE solutions are fostering educational equity in K-12 education by delivering broadband straight from your school to students’ homes.

We are also changing the digital landscape of higher education and academic research. By empowering greater connectivity among students, faculty, and researchers, we are reshaping the future of education.

K-12 School Wireless Solutions

At Infinity Technology Solutions, we are committed to helping K-12 schools and school districts bridge the digital divide in providing home broadband access to students. As the Covid pandemic showed, we desperately need to accelerate e-learning so that students can perform basic educational tasks such as homework.

The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) that Infinity offers as the solution for K-12 schools to expand broadband access to students will be a game changer. Combined with Nokia FastMile gateways, our private wireless solutions have been implemented in school districts across the country with great success.

As a school district, you simply plug in the Nokia Digital Automation cloud and go. Signal from your NDAC private wireless network connects to FastMile beacons and is delivered straight to students homes on customer premises equipment (CPE) devices. 

Traveling over free CBRS spectrum, Nokia’s private wireless solution carries a number of distinct advantages compared to traditional Wi-Fi. Nokia DAC offers wider and deeper coverage, carrier-grade reliability, and enhanced security over traditional Wi-Fi.

Join Infinity Technology Solutions to make education accessible and equitable for all students.

5G Campus Networks
for Higher Education

Institutions of higher education are working to make their digital transformation possible. By implementing wireless networking infrastructure, the college campuses of tomorrow will be able to deploy solutions and meet the connectivity requirements for future applications for their faculty and students.

With Nokia’s 4.9G/LTE and 5G  private wireless networks from Infinity Technology Solutions, your college classroom will be able to run digital productivity tools from smart boards to smart podiums. AR and VR lessons can be transported from your campus lecture hall to anywhere in the world.

student on campus

Enhanced connectivity gives your students the ability to connect instantly to campus security and police officers. It also creates an entire communications ecosystem of digital displays, signage, and mobile POS kiosks for purchasing everything from snacks to tickets for campus events.

Private LTE wireless networks offer many distinct advantages over Wi-Fi hotspots on your college campus. 4.9G/LTE and 5G deliver greater capacity with less latency, and a higher rate of data performance. With Nokia’s PLTE, you can connect hundreds of devices and digital learning tools from a single access point.

Infinity Technology Solutions can help your campus prepare for the coming of Higher Education 4.0.

academic research

Private LTE Networks for Academic Research

With the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technologies available from Infinity Technology Solutions, research labs at major universities across the country are pushing the envelope on breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the creation of a digital learning commons.

5G networking solutions from Infinity in partnership with Nokia will enable the collection and transmission of a vast amount of real-time data that can be deployed to foster actionable intelligence for your research. These wireless networks will allow for an immersive, livestreamed educational experience.

As an end-to-end private wireless platform, Nokia is accelerating innovation and the embrace of the IoT applications (Internet of Things) across a vast range of industry verticals.

As your academic research lab of the future begins to collaborate across local, state, and national boundaries to spur innovation for both scientific breakthroughs and industrial applications, you will need the best in wireless networking technology. With private wireless networks from Nokia and Infinity, you can fully embrace the future of knowledge.

Share your groundbreaking research with PLTE networks from Infinity Technology Solutions. 

Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia Partnership

As a master distributor of Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions offers the best networking solutions for education.

We collaborate with K-12 schools to beam broadband into their students’ homes. We also work with colleges and universities to provide cutting-edge wireless networking solutions to enhance learning and research.

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