Mission-Critical Network Infrastructure for Public Safety

Critical Communications for Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, and EMS Agencies​

From microwave transport for mobile broadband to portable networking to advanced Push-to-Video applications, Infinity Technology Solutions is revolutionizing the ways public safety agencies fulfill their mandate to protect the community.

We enable you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with networking infrastructure, state-of-the-art operational command centers, and mission-critical applications for smarter rescue and recovery.

Microwave Transport for
Fixed Public Safety

Public safety agencies need better mobile broadband to support their life-saving work. With the adoption of LTE and 5G, first responders have discovered the benefits of reliable broadband data and real-time video in rescue and disaster recovery missions.

In our partnership with Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions offers public safety agencies a deployable network for mission-critical communications wherever and whenever they are needed.

With Nokia Wavence, your public safety agency will benefit from the latest in mission-critical communications technology.

Nokia Wavence Ultra Broadband Transceivers (UBT) provide high-capacity, low latency microwave transport for mission-critical applications. Designed to create a flexible, secure, and reliable network with seamless legacy TDM-to-packet migration, your first responders will have the broadband connectivity they need in the field.

With Nokia Wavence Microwave Transport from Infinity, your public safety agency will benefit from a single-platform networking solution that converges IP and microwave transport on a common management system.

Vi-Trust for Mobile Public Safety

First responders in the field require a robust and secure broadband connection in addition to mobile emergency command centers. With Nokia Vi-Trust, you can carry your broadband connectivity on your back.

With Vi-Trust, Infinity delivers an ultra compact LTE broadband solution based on Nokia’s Flexi Zone radio and core technology. Vi-Trust establishes broadband connectivity in locations where Wi-Fi coverage is lacking or unavailable.

Nokia Vi-Trust from Infinity Technology Solutions creates a portable network that can be accessed by up to 400 users in a matter of minutes.

In the midst of an emergency, your public safety command centers can easily drown in data. When voice, video, and data from first responders on the scene competes with data from other sources, you can quickly lose sight of the incident before you. Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center with Vi-Trust breaks through the noise to provide clear communications. 

Vi-Trust with Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) gives your public safety agency the tools it needs to analyze and prioritize the information it receives from secure and reliable mobile broadband “backpacks” in the field.

Nokia Group Communications

Efficient communications are essential for public safety agencies. Nokia Group Communications offers your organization advanced push-to-talk (PTT), push-to-video (PTV), and alert messaging solutions.

Specifically designed for mission-critical applications, Nokia Group Communications from Infinity Technology Solutions supports first responders on the scene, giving them the tools they need to successfully perform their life-saving tasks.

Group Communications from Nokia can support up to 100,000 PTT and PTV users at the same time, scalable to regional and national levels.

With reliable and secure push-to-video capabilities, firefighters and other first responders can instantly share video data from the scene of an critical incident. Our mobile dispatch units  allow you to transmit and receive information from central command without interruption. 

With field-tested and ruggedized commercial handsets and tablets, Nokia Group Communications gives your public safety agency all the equipment, communications network, and device management tools you need to protect your community.

Integrated Operations Centers

Digital technologies are reshaping the way public safety agencies respond to critical incidents, enabling them to be proactive in the deployment of resources. Yet these same technologies can silo communication. 

Nokia Integrated Operations Centers (IOC) streamline complex technologies, creating simple solutions for our increasingly digitally divided world. With IOC, Nokia enables the next generation of Command and Control Rooms for public safety.

At Infinity Technology Solutions, we partner with our friends in public safety to make cities smarter and safer. 

With solutions such as IoT for public safety (environmental sensors and smart street lighting), emergency video calling, multi-agency dispatching, and video analytics, among others, Nokia and Infinity are committed to making sure your public safety agency’s command center has all the intelligence it requires.

With Nokia IOC, you and your public safety agency benefit from enhanced situational awareness and streamlined operational processes. Make better and more informed decisions to keep your first responders and the public safe.

Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia’s Partnership for Public Safety

As a master distributor of Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions possesses expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of communication and networking solutions for public safety agencies.

We are proud to collaborate with firefighters, police officers, emergency first responders, and others on their important life-saving mission. For more information, please fill out the contact form below.

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