Network Management

Infinity offers comprehensive network management platforms consisting of the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) and the Nokia TSM-8000 fault management network. These network management solutions make it simpler for you to build multi-vendor networks that combine IP/MPLS, microwave, and optical technologies across multiple domains. They are user-friendly and turn abstract service definition into device-specific commands to make life easier for your operations team.


Our Network Management

– Automatically provision all network layers to speed up service delivery and abstract the service toward the IT/OSS layer to simplify integration

– Provide centralized path computation and network optimization capabilities at the optical, IP, and flow layers so operators can run their networks more efficiently

– Bridge the gap between service provisioning and network engineering so operators can satisfy dynamic service requests while making optimal use of available IP/optical assets

– Extend multi-vendor assurance capabilities to SDN and automate the assurance process so operators can dynamically and proactively ensure on-going network and service health

– Take advantage of a highly modular and open architecture that encompasses multiple Layer 0-to-Layer 3 services, IP/microwave/optical technologies, physical and virtual network infrastructure, and equipment from multiple network vendors

Fault Management

Infinity partners with Nokia to offer a graphically-oriented alarm monitoring and control fault management system that provides highly reliable fault management and control of modern telecommunications networks. 

The fault management system automatically collects and stores alarm, status, and performance data from the monitored transmission system equipment and displays this information both graphically and textually.

The fault management system is scalable through software keys to support small, medium, or large telecommunications networks, and it supports multiple users, multiple networks, and multiple protocols.

The system provides comprehensive reports for both current and historical activity for the entire network including all operator actions.

Maximize Your Network

Our network management solutions reduce your operating cost by letting you rely on one management and control platform that supports common tools and practices. Automating repetitive tasks and complex workflows eases the pressure on your skilled network operations staff and specialized networking tools. It also helps you make better use of your network capacity.

The platform uses a model-driven approach to automate tasks such as MPLS configuration and equipment path setup. It ensures your network is ready for provisioning in minutes. It also acts as an external Software Defined Network (SDN) controller Path Computation Element (PCE) by providing algorithms that ensure the best path placement and load balancing for path distribution throughout the network. It enables you to compute optimal multi-layer paths across multiple domains to meet service-level agreements (SLAs) relating to cost, latency, and bandwidth.

We offer a carrier-class platform that enables you to deliver performance that meets requirements. It provides the tools you need to troubleshoot the network, fix issues quickly, move traffic, and reconfigure the network before an incident occurs. Our network management system uses intent-based networking and closed-loop automation to achieve your intended outcomes and maintain them in real time in unexpected or evolving traffic and network conditions.

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