IP & Optical Networking

The evolution from operating separate IP and optical network layers to operating in an integrated, multi-layer way maximizes the natural synergies between IP routing and optical transport technologies. Nokia and Infinity are uniquely positioned to provide this integrated technology. IP and optical integration enable the combination of state-of-the-art routing and optical transport technologies, providing a more agile, dynamic, and integrated network with significant cost and performance synergies. With the transition to all-IP and cloud-based services, many customers and enterprises are also considering how integrating IP routing and transport may help them reach their business goals.

IP Networking

Our industry-leading routing portfolio provides scale, performance, and extensive service capabilities with edge, access, and aggregation routers delivering terabit-scale connectivity within data centers and across WANs for our enterprise customer networks. These routers are purpose-built for mobile anyhaul, fixed–mobile convergence, and mission-critical applications. They provide the performance, reliability, flexibility, and operational intelligence to meet increasing traffic demands enterprises need to keep pace with evolving cloud network demands, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Optical Networking

Nokia’s multiservice 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) platforms provide scalable, flexible, efficient, and reliable optical transport, keeping pace with new service and traffic demands for a range of applications, including business services, mobile and broadband backhaul, multicast video, wavelength, Ethernet, secure data center interconnect, and cloud services. The 1830 PSS portfolio optimizes optical networks to meet unpredictable traffic demands. The platforms provide efficient transport at any scale, from compact access to the converged Optical Transport Network (OTN)/DWDM core.


Using your existing private mobile broadband network to provide fixed broadband services, you can increase your value to customers and quickly enter new areas. Whether you want to provide new fixed broadband services or bundle fixed and mobile services together, Nokia has a fixed wireless access solution for you. The new FastMile gateways, including those with WiFi mesh networking, are self-contained residential devices that connect wirelessly to your 4G, 5G, or CBRS network while creating a better and faster Wi-Fi experience.

MPLS Routing

Nokia drives the evolution and convergence of today’s WANs with new IP/MPLS and packet transport standards. An expert in mission-critical communications, Infinity designs, installs, and maintains the solution. A converged packet-based communication network increases flexibility for new applications and services while reducing costs and maintaining safety and security. Nokia IP/MPLS can smoothly and steadily replace legacy networks, with full interoperability providing the essential network functions of traffic engineering, IP/MPLS VPN services, service and synchronization quality, and cloud deployment.


The central nervous system of every successful organization, the Local Area Network (LAN) speeds decision-making, delivers customer service, connects employees, and supports the many systems and business processes that run a business. High-bandwidth applications such as video conferencing, ubiquitous Wi-Fi®, and cloud computing are reshaping operating practices in every sector. Faster, more efficient LAN capabilities are needed to support new services, improve productivity, lower costs, and build a competitive advantage.


Fiber networks are rapidly becoming the infrastructure underpinning cities and wide-area regions. They play a key role in delivering any service to any endpoint. Fiber networks must continue to be faster, smarter, and more cost-efficient, and 25G PON is the best next step in the evolution of GPON. Nokia brings the first symmetrical 25G PON solution based on the Quillion chipset and available for the widely deployed Nokia fiber platform, enabling a smooth introduction to deploy Nokia’s next-generation platform.

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