Engineering Services

To implement any type of IP-based solution, it’s critical to start with a strategic approach to navigate the complex needs of robust systems. Project engineering includes three phases: planning and design, staging, and installation and cutover. Each phase is critical for the overall success of the project, and Infinity’s engineers bring years of experience and practical knowledge to guide you through the process and support your organization.

Engineering Services Include:

1 - Planning and Design

Planning starts with a workshop where we present our proposed design and next steps. This kick-off workshop provides you with access to timelines, network diagrams, site survey results, and technical resources to answer questions relating to all phases of the implementation. After the workshop, we make any necessary changes and present you with final equipment lists, system design, and staging dates for approval.

2 - System Staging

We stage your solution at the Infinity Technology facility in Mooresville, NC. Staging the system allows us to configure every item in the network before shipping it to the field. We test all items, ensuring proper requirements are met.

3 - Installation & Cutover

Infinity provides a detailed transition and cutover plan for your review and approval to minimize downtime on your existing radio system. The cutover plan includes a fallback plan for transitioning to the old path if a serious problem occurs during the cutover phase. This allows for minimal disruptions to the existing communications systems. The plan includes a chronological chart with a task list and timeline. Infinity provides a phased implementation plan, ensuring no current communications systems are negatively impacted during the system cutover. The plan also includes a well-defined decision point for customer communications cutover approval.

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