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At Infinity Technology Solutions, we offer Nokia’s entire portfolio of fixed wireless access solutions, consumer gateways and routers, and optical networking terminals. Our devices will exceed your customers’ demand for faster, better broadband service.

Pushing the envelope in the delivery of lightning-fast internet to the homes and businesses of consumers across the country and around the globe, we work with ISPs and WISPs to maximize their productivity and ROI.

Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed wireless access delivers 5G speeds to every corner of your customers’ homes. 5G offers up to 25x the capacity compared to 4G. At Infinity Technology Solutions, our fixed wireless access networks and devices help service providers provide lightning-fast broadband to their customers.

Last-mile connectivity reaches remote customers and links them to your telecommunications infrastructure. Low latency broadband gives gamers the speeds they need to play.

With hundreds of residential use cases, Infinity’s FWA gateways and fixed wireless/broadband convergence solutions from Nokia allow you to deliver better, more reliable internet to your customers.

Avoid expensive truck rolls with our easy-to-install 5G fixed wireless access network solutions, while providing high-performance broadband internet to your customers.

Fixed Gateways

Delivering 5G wireless broadband to your customers is simple with Nokia fixed gateways.  Nokia fixed gateways are compact and easy for customers to install in their homes or businesses. For instance, Nokia FastMile Gateway includes a 5G modem, antennas, a router, and Wi-Fi connectivity for instant low latency, high-speed broadband access.

With their integrated Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and consumer-friendly touch screen for testing  signal strength and other applications, your customers will love the new faster broadband speeds that Nokia’s fixed gateways make possible. 

Infinity Technology Solutions provides unmatched expertise in helping you sell and integrate these wireless broadband access points in your customers’ homes. With their high-gain antennas, fixed gateways are a critical component of residential wireless access.

Easily mounted on a wall or placed on a table, Nokia gateways ensure better connectivity at the edge of coverage.

Home Wi-Fi

In our partnership with Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions makes it possible for you to deliver powerful Wi-Fi to every one of your customers’ homes. Nokia Wi-Fi solutions for service providers ensures that no walls, nor number of users, nor volume of downloads, will slow down your customers’ signal.

Nokia Home Wi-Fi devices create a mesh network that is self-healing and self-optimizing. With Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band technology, we are able to offer your customers the best Wi-Fi experience on the market.

The Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 2 with the mobile app gives your customers the benefit of the strongest Home Wi-Fi system on the market, while also enabling them to manage their network remotely from their phone.

With Nokia Home Wi-Fi solutions, you give your customers the gift of wall-to-wall broadband coverage.

Fiber ONT

As a service provider, your optical network terminals (ONTs) are your “face” inside the homes of your customers. Infinity Technology Solutions sells and installs Nokia’s best-in-class fiber modems and ONTs. These industry-leading modems and terminals already exist in over 100 million homes and businesses across the globe.

Infinity carries every Nokia ONT you could possibly need for your customers. With GPON and XGS-PON (with or without support for legacy POTS, regardless of the form of transmission or features, we have the right fiber optical network terminals for you.

Our fiber ONTs with mesh networking can be sold along with Nokia’s Home Wifi Beacons and Gateways, so you can offer your customers the ability to extend and expand Wi-Fi coverage throughout their residences.

From simple routers to top-of-the-line gateways, our fiber ONTs deliver the best for all your customers’ connectivity needs

Infinity Technology Solutions Partnership with
Nokia for Service Providers

As a master distributor of Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions possesses expertise in offering the best-in-class solutions to Internet Service Providers.

We collaborate with many ISPs and WISPs across the country to help them give their customers the best in high-speed broadband. For more information, please fill out the contact form below.

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