IP/MPLS Routing

MPLS Routing from Infinity

As an expert in mission-critical communications, Infinity Technology Solutions designs, installs, and maintains the solutions that Nokia Systems has piloted in the convergence of today’s WANs with innovations in IP/MPLS and packet transportation. At the heart of Nokia’s IP/MPLS routing is the concept of service routing, which assigns and routes traffic based on predetermined labels.

Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) routing supports WANs that run many different services and end-user applications, allows for simplified provisioning, and enables efficient change management.

Optimized for the delivery of services for business and mission-critical applications, convergent packet-based communications networks increase flexibility for adding new applications and services, while simultaneously reducing costs and maintaining safety and security. Infinity will install Nokia’s IP/MPLS system to smoothly replace any legacy networks; additionally, this system offers full interoperability, with the essential network functions of traffic engineering, VPN service, service and synchronization quality, and cloud deployment.

The Benefits of IP/MPLS Routing

Broadly, the benefits of maintaining an MPLS network are scalability, higher bandwidth utilization, a less congested network, and a better experience for the end-user.

For instance, with an MPLS network:

  1. Many different types of services can travel along a single tunnel, which reduces network congestion and improves the experience of the end-user.
  2. Changes can be made to a single logical service entity, rather than multiple ports, which allows you to scale applications quickly.
  3. A failure in the network core affecting a service tunnel can be pinpointed leading to less network downtime and reducing systemic crashes.
  4. Operational integrity can be verified by a single OAM, rather than dozens of discrete steps, enabling operators to be more responsive.

Infinity Technology Solutions: Your Premier IP/MPLS Providers

As your premier IP/MPLS networking providers, Infinity Technology Solutions offers:

Engineering – Planning, designing, and staging, along with installation and cutover for your IP/MPLS networking solution.

Project Management – Addressing scope and cost management, scheduling, site development, and system training.

System Integration – Infinity offers full interoperability with all IP protocols to implement our solutions with any legacy system.

Maintenance – Infinity provides the full Nokia warranty, as well as ongoing maintenance support and service programs.

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