System Integration

Infinity recognizes that integrating your new system into your existing resources can be one of the most profitable things you can do for your business … and also one of the most daunting. Through years of experience and thousands of successful system implementations, Infinity has developed a complex, robust strategy to plan, stage, and execute your system integration as smoothly as possible.

Infinity ensures that you have the right team working on your project, and your main point of contact will be your Infinity Project Manager (PM). Our experienced, knowledgeable PM will be dedicated to your integration and will walk with you through the entire project, from the initial planning to the successful implementation of our proposed microwave and MPLS solution.

Infinity’s system implementation strategy entails three main phases:  PLANNING, STAGING, INSTALLATION AND CUTOVER

Infinity’s Foundation for System Integration

Real-time Collaboration and Communication

Effective team integration only happens when everyone is operating with the same information and that information is shared in real-time. Infinity uses an electronic collaboration and communications engine to keep the entire team informed every step of the way. Infinity team members and subcontractors work together to enhance team and customer communications and provide a complete project record of all communications.

Up-front Scope Definition and Schedule Development

A critical element of any successful project is to fully understand what is included in the scope of the project and what is not. At Infinity, we define the scope in detail at the beginning of the project, analyzing all the components of the work and how each component impacts cost, schedule and performance. We also highlight your role and specific activities required during system implementation.

End-to-End Quality Assurance and Control

Quality is the most crucial ingredient to success. Simply moving along a path doesn’t mean anything if the work is inadequate. From administrative tasks and product manufacture to implementation and final acceptance, Infinity exercises quality assurance in every task. The processes and tasks overseen by Infinity and undertaken by its supplier partners, Nokia and RFS, are time-tested and experience-proven.

Effective Scope

We define up-front the project scope as part of the proposal process. Our scope management methods put a strong emphasis on communications. We keep all project participants properly informed, so everyone can respond quickly and effectively.

Change Management

Infinity recognizes that no matter how well we plan, things change. How we manage that change matters. We have developed an effective change management process that lets us respond effectively to customer changes, adapting our delivery schedule, resource allocation scheme, and individual task assignments when you require a scope change.

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