Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to address our customer’s requirements. We use key practices to ensure project success:

To implement our diverse portfolio of technology, we start with a strategic approach to navigating the complex needs of robust systems. Project engineering includes three phases: planning and design, staging, and installation and cutover. Each phase is critical for the overall success of the project, and Infinity’s engineers bring years of experience and practical knowledge to guide you through the process and provide support. We specialize in understanding our customer’s needs, evaluating and recommending the best technology solution, and meeting safety, security, and operational requirements. We enable mission-critical operations with reliable and cost-effective technology solutions.

Microwave Installation and Services

  • Site surveys
  • Antenna and line installation
  • Decommissioning of any existing microwave network
  • Microwave radio and site equipment installation
  • Microwave testing and optimization services
  • Engineering closeout documentation 

IP/MPLS Design and Implementation

  • MPLS questionnaire and workshops
  • MPLS design and site equipment installation
  • MPLS testing and optimization services
  • Engineering closeout documentation 

NFM-P Network Management Design and Implementation

  • NFM-P SAM workshops and design services
  • NFM-P SAM equipment installation
  • NFM-P SAM testing and optimization services
  • NFM-P SAM closeout documentation

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