Microwave Backhaul Systems

Microwave backhaul systems distribute multimedia, voice, video, and data communications traffic over a wide area and long-haul between distributed sites to a centralized point via wireless connectivity. To build cost-effective microwave networks that deliver IP datacom services wirelessly, provide mission-critical link performance, and offer extremely low latency, high reliability, and high capacity requires licensed spectrum for private use. Designed to meet the significant growth and global demand for critical backhaul capacity, the newest generation of Wavence products, including MPT HLC and UBT systems, offer the significant improvements required for both mission-critical markets and service provider/telecom carrier markets for next-gen, 5G technology.

Infinity Technology Solutions proudly offers the industry-leading 100% Packet Microwave Backhaul Technology from Nokia in a variety of spectrum bands as well as all indoor and outdoor configurations to meet the demand for flexibility, high capacity, and fast data speeds, all customizable to fit our customers’™ specific needs.

All Indoor Solutions

Nokia Wavence introduces innovative, high-capacity ultra-broadband transceivers to support mission-critical vertical markets and service provider/telecom operators who require high-reliability, high-performance specs, and assistance transitioning to 4.5G, 4.9G, and eventually 5G networks.

The Nokia Wavence family includes a range of Microwave Packet Transport (MPT) units for long-haul applications in a full indoor configuration. Designed to support long-distance, high-capacity, and mission-critical applications, the MPT-HLC units provide flexible, secure, scalable, and highly-reliable networks that also support a seamless TDM-to-packet migration path option. The MPT-HLC units integrate into the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) for common management with the entire Wavence portfolio, enabling consistent operations across end-to-end packet microwave networks. Combined with the Wavence Microwave Service Switch (MSS), the MPT sets the standard for delivering fast, efficient wireless transmission links with flexible networking and simple operations.

Outdoor Solutions

The Nokia Wavence Ultra-Broadband Transceivers (UBT) provide high-capacity, low latency microwave transport for short-haul applications. Using the most advanced radio technologies and multi-frequency carrier aggregation, the UBT™’s support backhaul and ethernet fronthaul evolutions with multi-gigabit capacities and low latency transport with best-in-class transmitted power.

The Nokia Wavence UBT-S implements an innovative product design with a hardware split between the active wideband radio part and the Antenna Interface Module (AIM), a passive part interfacing the antenna. This simplifies the installation, maintenance, and spare part management. The UBT-S is integrated into the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) for common management and is fully compatible with the Nokia Microwave Service Switches (MSS) and the rest of the Nokia microwave portfolio.

Microwave Network Management

In addition to the Nokia NSP platform, the Nokia TSM-8000 provides highly-reliable fault management and control of modern microwave networks. The TSM-8000 is a graphically oriented element management system. It effortlessly scales through software keys to support small, medium, or large telecommunications networks. The TSM-8000 supports multiple users, multiple networks, and multiple protocols. It automatically collects and stores alarm, status, and performance data from the monitored transmission system equipment. This information displays both graphically and textually. The TSM-8000 also provides comprehensive reports for all current and historical activity for the entire network, including all operator actions.

Versatile Network Views

– Network view customizable by the user

– Virtual equipment using arbitrary alarm grouping

– Virtual alarms using Boolean logic and time weighting

– Alarms and controls grouped by user-defined functionality

– One-click access to highest priority unacknowledged alarm

– One-click access to all current alarm activity

Enhanced Network Reliability

– Redundant telemetry architecture

– Monitored telemetry channels

– Monitored server and client operation

– Two-click last hour and last day reports

– Automatic periodic user-defined reports

Flexible Reports

Alarms, controls, and user actions recorded to the history log

– Customizable reports sorted by time, date, network, equipment attributes, or operator actions

– Schedule Performance Monitor reports

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