Nokia PLTE Networks Reshape Industry 4.0

How Private LTE Networks from Infinity and Nokia Will Reshape Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT, AI and machine learning, edge computing, and wireless communication are changing the way we do business. Industries with numerous assets—from utilities to railways to logistics to public safety—have embraced this digital transformation to increase efficiency and boost productivity. 

Having the ability to gather data in real-time, and process and analyze that data to act on it means that industry can make smarter decisions in less time. Making immediate decisions, and reconfiguring and automating processes to become more efficient, is now within reach. In short, Industry 4.0 is already upon us.

The information from IIoT sensors and private wireless networks, such as Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC), are working together to make digital and manual processes one in the same. Today, machines and workers collaborate to optimize outcomes for industry. 

Both PLTE and modular private wireless networks play an important role in connecting the thousands of sensors, and mobile workers and their equipment. The future of Industry 4.0 lies squarely in building private wireless networks with the bandwidth and capacity to handle this digitalization of assets. 

How Easy is To Build and Deploy a Private Wireless Network?

Deploying a Nokia private wireless solution from Infinity—whether PLTE or modular private wireless (MPW) isn’t much more difficult than establishing a Wifi network.

The basic requirements for PLTE are:

  • A radio network 
  • A core network
  • A backhaul network
  • Access to a licensed, shared or unlicensed radio spectrum

Radio access points will give you coverage across the outdoor and indoor spaces of your organization, which is similar to Wifi—although you will need far fewer radio access points with private wireless networks. Another major difference is that, unlike Wifi, private wireless requires a core network, which gives you greater mobility, flexibility, and security. 

Depending on the size of your organization, you can often run your core network on an edge server the size of a desktop.

The Benefits of Private Wireless Networking

Private wireless networks lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). They provide greater capacity, wider coverage, and can operate in much harsher and more challenging environments.

PLTE networks also require less access points to cover the same area, which means your organization will reduce your infrastructure needs (power, cables, poles, etc.) Engineering your radio coverage is also less expensive because of the spectrum private wireless uses. 

Lastly, deploying a PTLE or private modular wireless network allows you to consolidate all your networks into one, providing significant cost savings.

Types of Industrial-Grade Private Wireless Solutions

Our partners at Nokia have recognized that different enterprises have different needs when it comes to private wireless networks.

  1. The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) offers an integrated plug-and-play PLTE on a digital automation platform with ready-to-run applications.
  2. Modular Private Wireless (MPW) enables enterprises to be selective about their private wireless solution, with either a completely autonomous system or a hybrid model that relies on third-party mobile providers.

Infinity’s status as a master distributor of Nokia private wireless solutions makes us an exemplary partner in the installation, design, and maintenance of both the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and their modular private wireless solutions.

Why Partner with Infinity for Your Private Wireless Network?

Private wireless will play an integral role in your industry’s IIoT future. With it:

  • You can leverage its edge computing capabilities for further automation
  • You will be able to add agility and flexibility to your processes and systems
  • You will benefit from a lower-cost network with greater bandwidth and lower latency

You need a private wireless partner you can trust. Our partnership with Nokia gives Infinity an edge over the competition when it comes to PLTE and modular wireless network solutions for your business. 

We empower industry to digitally connect their critical operations’ assets and infrastructure into a simple and dependable plug-and-play network for real-time data. We have helped hundreds of businesses digitally transform their operations and become more efficient, agile, resilient, and sustainable.

Why Choose Infinity?

We offer:

  • End-to-end private wireless solutions in IP and optical networking
  • Private, public, and hybrid deployment models
  • Solutions specifically tailored to your industry and particular needs as a business
  • Licensed and unlicensed spectrum solutions
  • Partnerships with device manufacturers and industrial OEMs
  • Close ties to mobile operators and ISPs.

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