Network and Communication Solutions for Critical Utilities

Enterprise-Grade Communications Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

With solutions such as Nokia’s converged field area networks (FAN), mission-critical WAN, and Narrowband IoT, Infinity Technology Solutions is enhancing the ability of utilities to automate and communicate in ways previously unimaginable.

From distributed power solutions and smart grids to IoT sensors in water pipes and on oil rigs, we are laying the foundation for utilities to embrace a more cost-effective, more efficient, and greener approach to the delivery of energy and resources.

Distributed Power Solutions for Utilities Smart Grid

Utilities want to realize their vision of a modern smart grid. They desire innovative ways to optimize the distribution of power, become more operationally efficient and cost effective, and build for the future of renewable energy.

Infinity Technology Solutions helps power companies gain greater control and oversight of their grids. With Nokia’s converged field area networking (FAN) technology, utilities can overcome the problem of divided and unintegrated networks. 

Infinity provides utilities with a single network solution that functions as the backbone for the power grids of today and tomorrow.

For distributed power solutions for the utilities, converged FANs combine two proven networking technologies: IP/MPLS and LTE. 

IP/MPLS enables utilities to make full use of the mission-critical applications that have become essential to the modern smart grid. LTE offers the pathway where IP/MPLS network routing runs.

By converging these two network technologies, Infinity Technology Solutions installs Nokia FANs to help utilities create a fully integrated power grid, connecting field devices to power substations and operation centers. 

Converged field area networking will play a larger role for the utilities as power companies come to rely more and more on IoT and M2M communication to satisfy their customers, and make a more efficient, greener grid.

Smart Water Systems Enabled
by Nokia NB-IoT

If current water consumption habits continue, by 2025, two thirds of the global population will live in water-stressed communities. The time for developing smart water systems is now.

Nokia Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a low-power wide-area network technology ideal for water utilities to monitor fixed assets (water meters) and water infrastructure from their facilities to their end users.

Infinity Technology Solutions offers water utilities expert installation and maintenance of Nokia NB-IoT technology.

Narrowband IoT is made to function underground, improving coverage for the installation of sensors in pipes at both water treatment facilities and home water meters.

With Nokia NB-IoT, water utilities can monitor a majority of their assets remotely for such things as flow, water pressure, temperature, and water quality. Nokia’s networking technologies for water utilities make possible such solutions as active leak detection.

Infinity’s Nokia-based networking and IoT solutions optimize for the complete lifecycle of water, connecting water resource management with home monitoring technologies for everything from flood prevention in pipes to consumer refrigerator monitoring.

NB-IoT will make for a planet where water resources aren’t threatened by overconsumption. It will allow for the preservation of our most precious resources through smarter water system networks.

Oil and Gas Network Communications Solutions

The oil and gas industry faces immense pressure from a number of directions. Supply-side volatility and environmental regulations mean they must become more operationally effective and cost-efficient.

The Nokia Solution Factory at Nokia’s Innovation Center and Nokia Bell Labs is bringing about a digital transformation in communication and automation that will benefit oil and gas companies across their entire value chain.

Infinity Technology Solutions delivers Nokia’s advances in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), communications, and networking to our oil and gas clients.

Nokia’s networking solutions in VPNs, SCADA, and LTE are quickly becoming the industry standard for oil and gas, replacing legacy P25 and Tetra.

With their innovative private wireless solutions, Nokia offers oil and gas the ability to connect with offshore rigs from secure central command sites, monitoring many of functions that used to require people on the ground. 

Wireless end-to-end broadband connectivity from Nokia is revolutionizing the oil and gas industries multiservice communication capabilities: from video surveillance and security to real-time voice and data to advanced IoT applications.

Infinity’s Nokia communications and networking solutions will help the oil and gas industry meet the challenges of tomorrow by cutting costs, improving operations, and enhancing security.

Smart Grid Communications
for Smart Cities

Static, passive power grids have been the norm since the beginning of our system of power delivery. But now, grids must be intelligent, customer-centric, and green in order to serve the needs of the new smart cities.

Nokia Smart Grid Communications serves the modern city by offering an integrated network solution that leverages optical, microwave, and IP/MPLS technologies in one unified ecosystem.

Infinity Technology Solutions provides power utilities the means to adopt Nokia’s converged FAN and mission-critical WAN to better serve customers.

Nokia’s network and data management enables the simplified operation and automation of services. 

With mission-critical WAN for power, Nokia empowers utilities to connect substations, data and control centers, and mobile radio sites with their portfolio of utility-grade networking solutions.

Converged FAN from Nokia expands communication capabilities to remote grid devices, renewable energy resources, homes, and businesses, by allowing you to pair IP/MPLS with LTE.

The future of energy in smart cities will only be as strong as the network architecture underpinning it. There is no going back. Renewable energy, smarter grid applications, and greater customer control of energy consumption points the way forward.

Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia Partnership

At Infinity Technology Solutions, we partner with Nokia as a master distributor in the design, installation, and maintenance of network and critical communications infrastructure with access to their complete portfolio of utility-grade solutions.

We work with both public and private utilities large and small. For more information, please fill out the contact form below.

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