FastMile 5G Gateways Go the Extra Mile

Today, access to broadband internet is a necessity. Yet many suburban and rural areas do not have a broadband network on which they can rely.

Infinity Technology Solutions offers its customers Nokia FastMile Gateway, a wireless alternative for areas that lack fixed broadband access. FastMile’s 5G gateway extends broadband coverage, bringing it to households over long distances—to locations where fiber and DLS can be difficult to deploy.

As a 5G wireless broadband solution, FastMile offers performance similar to that of fixed broadband. Whether you want to provide new broadband service, or bundle fixed and mobile services, Infinity’s wireless access solutions from Nokia provide reliable coverage to out-of-the-way locations.

FastMile gateways, including those with Wifi mesh networking, are self-contained devices for residential areas that offer wireless connection to your 4G, 5G, or CBRS network. They create a better and faster Wifi experience, expanding broadband and enhancing internet equity for all.

Nokia Wireless Gateway Features

Lightning Fast Broadband Without the Wires: FastMile Capabilities

As fast as fiber, Nokia’s gateways deliver ultra-fast broadband with 5G capabilities.

Wifi Coverage

Nokia’s gateways offer high-performance Wifi in both indoor and outdoor configurations. If you need to cover a large space, Infinity will give you a blueprint for where to place Nokia Wifi beacons to create a mesh network for complete coverage.

5G Speeds

5G is up to 10x current LTE speeds. 5G will soon become not only the new standard for mobile devices, but also the standard for residential and small business communications.

Innovative Design

As the industry leader in antenna design, Nokia uses unique configurations that offer the highest possible speeds and the lowest lag times.

Infinity Technology Solutions: Your Premier Provider of Wireless Gateways

As your premier wireless gateway solutions experts, Infinity Technology Solutions offers:

Engineering – Planning, designing, and staging, along with installation and cutover for your wireless gateway.

Project Management – Addressing scope and cost management, scheduling, site development, and system training.

System Integration – Infinity offers full interoperability with all IP protocols to implement our solutions with any legacy system.

Maintenance – Infinity provides the full Nokia warranty, as well as ongoing maintenance support and service programs.

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