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Increasing Maritime Shipping Efficiencies with Nokia Private Wireless

When it comes to Maritime shipping ports, enhancing terminal productivity and operational efficiency is paramount. After all, time is money – the faster onboarding, offloading, and organizing can take place, the more time there is to onboard new customers and increase the bottom line.

Unfortunately, improving maritime port efficiency has long been a problem. While staff know their roles, and schedules are planned to the minute, the physical landscape of the ports is a large part of the problem.

A Technological Barrier

Advanced automation and remote control are key components of optimization. However, the existing Wi-Fi infrastructures available at most ports – while a vast improvement over the solutions of yesteryear – are unable to get the job done.

They lack the robust, continuous, mission-critical capabilities that maritime shipping ports require. Unpredictable performance and poor security coupled with difficulty reaching all necessary coverage areas due to the constantly changing topography of a shipyard mean that a Wi-Fi network simply can’t keep up. 

As shipping containers are moved from one location to another, signals become unreliable and fractured. The sensitive nature of the information stored on network devices and weak Wi-Fi security protocols means that maritime shipping ports can be a prime and vulnerable target for security breaches.

A Revolutionary Solution

Luckily, custom-built private wireless networks powered by LTE or 5G can alleviate setbacks and improve operations by simplifying connections, enhancing connectivity, automating operations, and facilitating the launch of new applications.

Simplify Connections

Many ports utilize Wi-Fi for their data connections but maintain separate professional mobile radio networks for voice communications. They also generally have separate networks for things like wireless sensors, low power wide area networks, machine-to-machine communications, and transponders for automatic guided vehicles. 

These networks can be simplified and consolidated into a single platform that reduces possible failure points, streamlines operations through a single dashboard, and makes integrating new technologies across the workflow a less complex process.

Enhance Connectivity

While suitable for localized, indoor operations, Wi-Fi solutions don’t perform as well across wide range outdoor zones. Wi-Fi performance suffers even more when you factor in constantly moving equipment and shipping containers. 

However, with Private LTE or 5G, every terminal corner can receive reliable coverage and connectivity. This increases productivity by ensuring that terminal systems are in constant contact while also providing for enhanced security with the addition of security cameras in more areas without expensive cabling infrastructure.

Automate Operations

Low-latency, high-capacity communications are necessary to create a more automated system at maritime shipping ports. In addition, remotely controlled free-moving equipment, such as gantry cranes and shuttle/straddle carriers, require video relayed by multiple cameras on the equipment and near instantaneous response and control by the remote operators.

Private LTE or 5G networks can provide the necessary bandwidth for video, audio, and haptic feedback to improve remote container handling.

Launch Applications

A faster, more connected, and more robust network allows for the addition of applications that can help speed up operations, increase security, and reduce potential failures.

Drones, for example, can be used for the remote control inspection of equipment, surveillance, or monitoring of dangerous goods, which in turn increases the operational efficiency of resource planning. It also allows crews to respond faster in emergency situations since they have a higher degree of awareness of the situation and surroundings.

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Infinity Technology Solutions will usher your enterprise into the digital age with private LTE networks that bring reliable, low-latency connectivity to every inch of your operation. With Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless solutions, you can optimize digital technologies to enhance automation, maximize safety and security, and achieve higher levels of quality-control, efficiency, and productivity.

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