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If you’re an emergency first responder, police officer, or other public safety officer, arriving on the scene of a critical accident or incident, things can be chaotic. The first thing you typically need to do is set up a communications network so you can speak with other first responders on the scene. 

As a firefighter, you might also want or need to share video with your command so that they can assess any damage and send additional resources if necessary.

With Nokia Group Communications (enabled by NDAC or AirFrame) from Infinity Technology Solutions, public safety agencies have the tools to communicate with tens of thousands of other first responders, different agencies, and others at the scene of an emergency.

Nokia’s Group Communications solution is fully aligned with 3GPP, supporting mission-critical Push-to-Talk (MC-PTT) standards. It gives public safety organizations and first responders a number of agency-specific functions such as:

  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) Functionality
  • Push-to-Video (PTV) Operations
  • Alert Messaging Features

Taken together, the above functions vastly improve operational efficiency and enhance situational awareness for first responders. Nokia Group Communications also delivers site and geo-redundancy, and enables users to record sessions for training purposes.

Compatible with a range of networks from 3G to Wi-Fi to LTE, Nokia Group Communications provides always-on connectivity for mission-critical video, voice, and alerts between large groups of users.

Precisely how many users does this communication solution support?

Designed with mission-critical communication operations in mind, Nokia Group Communications supports up to 100,00 PTT and PTV users. It scales for your regional and national needs on public safety networks and for other wide area network use applications.

Nokia Group Communications functions with all devices in the Nokia Industrial family, along with many other durable and rugged commercial handsets and tablets.

When combined with client applications, your dispatch console, and device management tools, it makes for an unparalleled communications experience for emergency first responders. The entire system has been optimized for cost and ease of use.

Other Features and Benefits

Below we list a few of Nokia Group Communications additional features and benefits not already covered:

  • End-to-end encryption to keep communications and messages secure
  • Features a graphical user interface to clearly view maps.
  • Supported on a wide range of devices, including Android headsets and iOS
  • The option to pay to support more users and devices as your public safety agency grows in size
  • Compatible with legacy LMR/PMR networks

Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia

Infinity Technology Solutions is a master distributor of Nokia. We collaborate with public safety agencies across the country to bring you communications systems that enable you to control and manage voice and video traffic at the scene of a critical incident.

With Nokia Group Communications, you gain a system that allows tens of thousands of your emergency first responders and public safety officers the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

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