Nokia Lightspan for Fiber Deployments

Nokia Lightspan Gives Cable Operators a Future-Proof Fiber Solution

On July 22nd, 2022, Nokia introduced Lightspan SF-8M, the newest addition to their high-performance fiber broadband portfolio. Lightspan SF-8M will support GPON, XGS-PON, and 25G PON.

At Infinity Technology Solutions, we have a vested interest in how Nokia’s latest fiber solution will help cable operators compete with both more established telcos and new broadband providers. For decades, Infinity has developed solutions for cable operators to better serve their residential, mobile, and business end users.

With the capacity to support an even wider range of speeds than its predecessors, Lightspan SF-8M offers cable operators the ability to better address the needs of its end users. Delivering line rates of 2.5 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s currently, SF-8M is designed to seamlessly transition to deliver line rates of 25 Gb/s in the near future.

Lightspan Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

Lightspan SF-8M’s sealed remote Optical Line Terminal (OLT) possesses flexible powering options. Its power-over-coax capabilities make it especially well suited for cable operators, giving them the flexibility to control the delivery of broadband to particular locations.

Nokia’s Lightspan units come encased in IP67-rated sealed enclosures. With its IP67 rating, these units are not only impenetrable to dust, sand, and other particles, but also submersible in water for 30 minutes without damage.

This casing enables installation of these units outside plants, on strands, on the inside or outside of a cabinet, or on a pole or wall. Ease and versatility of deployment has played a significant role in making Lightspan such a popular fiber solution for cable operators.

Nokia Lightspan FX and Lightspan MF-2

Prior to the release of Lightspan SF-8M, Nokia had two earlier fiber access nodes that were developed to power Next-Gen network access.

The first, the Nokia Lightspan FX supported multiple passive optical network (PON) technologies and point-to-point services simultaneously. It came in three different sizes: the FX-4, the FX-8, and the FX-16. 

These sizes gave cable operators the flexibility to choose the technology best suited to their network needs: while the FX-4 supported hundreds of subscribers, the FX-16 supported thousands. 

The Nokia Lightspan FX series was designed to allow operators to choose their own deployment density and evolution strategy, comply with local regulations, and adjust service offerings.

Importantly, the Lightspan FX series is for centralized deployments

On the other hand, the Lightspan MF-2 is for distributed deployments. The performance and form-factor of Lightspan MF-2 makes it ideal for a number of deployment scenarios in which access to broadband internet is a prerogative for successful business ventures, public safety, and residential broadband delivery, among other applications.

Lightspan MF-2 has been used for mobile transport, residential broadband services, pre-aggregation of remote access nodes, and the delivery of business services to hotels, stadiums, office buildings, and other venues.

Lightspan MF-2 delivers GPON and XGS-PON

Lightspan MF-2 delivers GPON and XGS-PON from a single port. Featuring the Nokia Quillion chipset, it has unparalleled low-latency abilities, which allows cable operators to make use of existing fiber assets for efficient 5G anyhaul.

The new Lightspan SF-8M also operates with Nokia’s Quillion chipset, offering a high-throughput, power-efficient, low-latency remote optical line termination (OLT) ideal for the delivery of residential and commercial broadband, as well as mobile transport services. It supports eight GPON, XGS-PON, multi-PON ports, or four 25G PON ports. 

We already mentioned its powering capabilities, which includes not only power-over-coax, but AC, DC, and RFT-V.

Lightspan SF-8M’s addition to Nokia’s SDAN portfolio will expand the fiber solutions we are able to offer our ISP customers, which includes MF-2, the FX series, and DF-16GM (for low density deployments, along with an extensive range of ONTs.

Infinity Technology Solutions for Fiber Deployments

With access to the entire portfolio of Nokia solutions for fiber deployments, Infinity Technology Solutions looks forward to helping our Internet Service Provider customers provide faster broadband to their end users.

Our Optical Networking and Transport solutions have long offered both Service Providers and Enterprise customers agile and dynamic networks that support applications and deliver access to end users on a massive scale.

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