Passive Optical LAN

Passive Optical Networks from Infinity

Redefine connectivity for your customers and users with an Optical LAN from Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia. As the metaphorical central nervous system of your organization, our Passive Local Area Network (LAN) accelerates decision making, delivers superb customer service, connects your employees, all while supporting the numerous systems and processes it takes to run a successful enterprise.

The need to run high-bandwidth applications such as video conferencing and cloud storage, while maintaining low-latency and fast Wifi for your clients, customers, and users make having a reliable local network a must. With a PON from Nokia, Infinity will install, design, and maintain a network that delivers better service, lowers your TCO, and enables you to derive greater value from your network in the decades to come.

Benefits of an Optical LAN

The benefits of an Optical LAN over a traditional LAN are numerous.

They include:

  • Less equipment and less floor space taken up by equipment.
  • Having a passive network translates to less power consumption.
  • A simpler network with less maintenance.
  • A reduction in cables.
  • The same cost-efficient upgrades as fiber.
  • Efficient data encryption and increased security.

Infinity Technology Solutions: Your Premier PON Providers

As your premier passive optical LAN providers, Infinity Technology Solutions offers:

Engineering – Planning, designing, and staging, along with installation and cutover for your passive optical LAN solution.

Project Management – Addressing scope and cost management, scheduling, site development, and system training.

System Integration – Infinity offers full interoperability with all IP protocols to implement our solutions with any legacy system.

Maintenance – Infinity provides the full Nokia warranty, as well as ongoing maintenance support and service programs.

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