Nokia ViTrust for Public Safety Agencies

Nokia ViTrust Offers Public Safety Agencies Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Public safety agencies need advanced mission-critical mobile broadband to support their life-saving work. With Nokia ViTrust, Infinity offers our clients in public safety reliable LTE mobile broadband that transmits data and real-time video at lightning fast speeds.

Our public safety broadband solutions open new possibilities for better and more effective responses in rescue and disaster recovery missions.

Those in the public safety community require both secure and powerful broadband infrastructure and command and control centers. Nokia ViTrust covers all the communications public safety agencies need.

Nokia’s Ultra Compact Network with Enhanced Features for Public Safety

Nokia ViTrust’s Ultra Compact Network hosts Nokia Group Communications, which offers Infinity’s public safety clients applications such as push-to-video, video analytics, and geolocalization.

Nokia’s Ultra Compact Network can be mounted to a vehicle or carried in a backpack, making it simple for first responders to deploy at the scene. 

This portable LTE mobile broadband solution features Nokia’s carrier-grade Flexi Zone Small Cell radio and core technology. Even in the most stressful and extreme situations, public safety agencies using Nokia’s Ultra Compact Network can deploy a mobile broadband network for up to 400 users in a matter of minutes. 

In remote locations where coverage does not exist, or when coverage has been lost, ViTrust enables first responders to establish a mission-critical broadband network. With its intuitive graphical interface, ViTrust is a standalone solution with no additional laptops or devices necessary.

Nokia Integrated Operations Center (IOC) for Critical Communications

Transform operations at your public safety command center with Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC). IOC integrates and aggregates critical information for command from a variety of sources.

During an emergency, your command center can become overwhelmed by the volume of data you receive. High-bandwidth voice, video, and data from first responders on the scene competes with alarm system data. CCTV streams drown out potentially important information from social media.

In order to achieve an effective command center response, public safety agencies need Nokia IOC’s tools for analyzing and prioritizing the various streams of information they receive. 

At Infinity, we work with our clients in public safety to set up automated workflows, customizing dashboards to receive and respond to alerts with maximum efficiency. With our expert knowledge of Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center for first responders, we will help you expedite emergency response times and increase inter-agency cooperation.

Nokia’s Ultra Compact Network and their Integrated Operations Center work in tandem to improve emergency response. 

For example, your Ultra Compact Network can be used to establish backhaul connectivity at the scene of an accident in a remote location. Linking your network to Nokia’s IOC enables greater collaboration between central command and first responders in the field, enhancing decision-making by allowing for the sharing of mission-critical data. 

The Benefits of Mission-Critical Mobile Broadband from Infinity

The benefits of mission-critical mobile broadband for public safety agencies are numerous. With our technology, your public safety agency will:

  • Have access to the best in mission-critical broadband services including real-time video livestreams, database accessibility, and geolocalization powered by LTE
  • Profit from our upgradeable technology that meets 3GPP standards for future software applications
  • Integrate your Nokia technology with local partners due to open interfaces
  • Establish a dedicated public safety mobile broadband network in minutes from an easy-to-carry portable or vehicle-mounted device

ViTrust for Your Current and Future Public Safety Communications

Infinity Technology Solutions’ professional services will help your public safety agency dramatically improve deployment times. We will help you discover the best deployment model for you, implement the right network solutions, and make your communication systems fully-operational and reliable.

Embracing the future of mission-critical network solutions that will be necessary for smart cities, our partners at Nokia have developed the 5G-ready networking architecture for IoT and new applications such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management.

ViTrust’s Service Portfolio Includes:

  • A powerful LTE radio and core network that vastly improves your coverage, capacity, load balancing, geo-redundancies, and quality of service
  • The best in IP/MPLS backhaul and optical transport for a flexible, fast network with security for all layers, applications and devices
  • Dedicated professional service for public safety that includes your network’s design, implementation and integration with other networks, and optimization for network management
  • Interoperability with legacy systems such as TETRA and P25, as well as industry-specific applications integrated into all devices 
  • Advanced Command Center functions for inter-agency collaboration, virtual control rooms, and more

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Nokia ViTrust for Public Safety Agencies

Nokia ViTrust Offers Public Safety Agencies Enhanced Mobile Broadband Public safety agencies need advanced mission-critical mobile broadband to support their life-saving work. With Nokia ViTrust,