Integrated Operations Centers for Public Safety

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Control and Manage Your IoT and Non-IoT Data with IOC

The challenges facing command centers at public safety agencies have grown significantly over the past several years. As responding to emergencies and other critical incidents become more complex, police, fire, and EMS need to work together with greater frequency. 

Nokia Integrated Operations Center (IOC) from Infinity Technology Solutions makes sense of the high volume of data coming into public safety command centers, increasing operational efficiency in a more and more complex and connected world.  

IOC might best be referred to as a “system of systems,” allowing you to control and manage a variety of IoT systems and devices, digital applications, and analytical tools. 

For public safety agencies, Nokia IOC gives you the ability to create a multi-agency control room for your city.

With solutions such as the management of IoT for public safety (e.g. smart street lights), emergency video calling, multi-agency dispatch systems, and advanced video surveillance, Nokia Integrated Operations Center is a toolkit for modern public safety command centers.

With its powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, IOC automates many of the processes that public safety dispatchers and central command operators used to do manually, offering actual intelligence in understanding your city’s digital operations.

The Highlights of Nokia IOC for Public Safety

Cooperate and Share Information with Other Agencies

Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center for Public Safety enables agencies to share data between each other with greater ease. All centers can have access to the same data through virtual control rooms, which increases situational awareness.

Next Gen 9-1-1

With Nokia IOC, you have Next Generation 9-1-1 and 112. Making use of video, IoT, analytics, and automation, you can deliver a more coordinated, effective, and rapid emergency response.

Reduces the Complexity of Digital Operations

IOC unifies control of all your public safety agency’s devices, systems, and applications. When you want to reduce management complexities, enhance operational effectiveness, and provide your operators with improved situational awareness, IOC is the answer.

Easily Introduce New Technology Solutions Into Your Existing System

With IOC, integration of new applications into your existing system is made simple. Infinity will help you support easy interoperability between Nokia IOC and any existing legacy systems you may need to incorporate.

Speed Up Response Times and Execution

As a public safety agency, you cannot afford the luxury of losing valuable seconds executing a mission-critical task. Nokia’s IOC’s sophisticated rule engine quickly correlates complex events with many variables. It automates workflows with contextual actions, allowing for faster execution of tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Multiple Analytical Capabilities

IOC combines multiple analytics (video, mobility, and predictive) to determine the most likely outcome for the whole environment. For example, video analytics can be leveraged by public safety officials for a number of different scenarios pertaining to traffic management.

Future-Based Solutions

Nokia IOC is based on an advanced technology stack that supports machine learning (ML) and controls decision flows. IOC can also leverage innovative technologies in AR/VR.

Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia Partnership

As a master distributor of Nokia, Infinity Technology Solutions works with public safety agencies to install and maintain Integrated Operations Centers.

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