Nokia Wavence Microwave Solutions: The Past And Future Of Microwave Transmission

As we gear up for our 2021 webinar on Nokia’s portfolio of microwave solutions for our Enterprise customers, we thought we might take some time to look both forward and backward: toward the future of microwave transmission as a continuing solution for industries such as transportation and energy, among others, and backward, to the integral role that microwave technology has played in relaying critical information from coast to coast.

While we learn in school about many important developments in infrastructure in postwar America—such as the Eisenhower administration’s construction of the Interstate Highway System—we don’t typically reflect on the historical significance of microwave technologies in the transmission of data, voice, and image across the globe.

The first microwave transmission was a signal sent across the 40-mile expanse of the English Channel in 1931. It wasn’t until WWII, however, that a practical solution for microwave transmission was conceived: needing to communicate critical information from battalion to battalion spread across the European theatre of war, microwave relay networks were constructed.

As America transformed from a war economy back into the 1950s peacetime economy of abundance, the critical infrastructure of microwave transmission was repurposed as the main driver of telephone and television transmission throughout the continental United States.

Glancing now into the future, we need look no further than the innovations in the Nokia’s aforementioned Wavence portfolio, which includes the all-indoor MPT HLC, as well as the all-indoor UBT, both of which were designed to address the industry needs of mobile backhaul, energy, transportation, and public sector communications.

Nokia Wavence products possess high-quality end-to-end frequency and phase synchronization with a low latency, and can be integrated to construct a Layer 3 end-to-end microwave network.

Like the rest of Nokia’s products, Wavence is designed for seamless operation in critical infrastructures, and comes equipped with Redundant Control Interfaces, Resilient Radio and Access Interfaces, and dual-power supply to ensure continuous operation.

We invite you to join us to learn more about the future of Nokia’s microwave transmissions this upcoming Thursday at 1pm EST.


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