Nokia Solutions for Water Utility Infrastructure

Upgrading Water Utility Communications with Nokia and Infinity

Could your water utilities’ communications infrastructure use an upgrade? If so, learn how Nokia replaced one water utility’s aging infrastructure. When you partner with Infinity Technology Solutions and Nokia, the process could be easier than you think. 

Mission Critical Communications

Nokia solutions have been deployed across hundreds of public and private water utilities with their wireless communications needs. Thousands of customers rely on water utilities for their retail and wholesale supply of irrigation and drinking water. 

These utilities are also responsible for the resource planning and management for thousands of square miles. It’s not uncommon for water utilities to operate numerous hydroelectric plants and produce a million megawatt hours or more every year. 

But water utilities can run into problems if their communications infrastructure isn’t up to date. The water utilities that so many businesses and residential communities upon need the most advanced critical communications networks possible. They need networks that can support their all-important hydroelectric power generation and water distribution, reclamation, and treatment services. 

IP-Based Communications is the Way to Go

When water utilities need a communications upgrade, Infinity might transition their aging communications network to an IP-based communications infrastructure. 

Infinity can design and install an IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multi-protocol Label Switching) network to support a water utility’s critical utility applications. With an upgraded network, a water utility can more effectively use and manage their power generation, water resources, and water supply.

The Technical Specs 

An upgraded network could feature the 7705 Service Aggregation Router (SAR) portfolio and 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (MPR). Both are designed to support the applications that utility operations need. The SAR and MPR make the applications more secure, reliable, and resilient. 

The flexible network allows water utilities to migrate existing SCADA system traffic. It also supports new high bandwidth video traffic on the same network without compromising performance.

The Communications Deployment 

Infinity  handles the overall construction and deployment of the network during such a transition. Infinity manages civil works, including:

  • Re-construction site verification
  • Network design and engineering
  • Installation and testing of towers, repeaters, shelters, backup power systems
  • Project management

An IP-Based Infrastructure is Smarter

Utilities have seen that an IP-based infrastructure is an important step on the road to smart meters. This technology can save utilities and their customers millions of dollars. 

Electric utilities have deployed smart meters more than water utilities because power for the meters is readily available. Smart meters are becoming more viable for water utilities because of the emergence of low-power Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. These solutions can operate for months and even years without recharging.

Infinity Technology Solutions is an exclusive master distributor and value-added reseller for Nokia. The Infinity team are experts in deploying Microwave, and IP/MPLS backhaul, optical transport, Private wireless LTE and Fiber to X solutions.

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