Maximize Microwave with Nokia’s Microwave Anyhaul

Did you know that approximately 50% of global connections are currently carried by microwave transport? With the arrival of 5G, the capacity and capabilities of transport will be pushed to the edge. Nokia’s Microwave Anyhaul technology supports you to that edge and beyond, allowing for faster and cheaper connectivity as well as innovative digital services prepared for continued progress.

Ready for All 5G Transport Architectures

As with any technology evolution, the move to (and increasing demand for) 5G comes with its share of challenges. Microwave Anyhaul meets those challenges, offering a complete, 5G-ready solution that provides an innovative, high capacity, ultralow latency solution. It covers fronthaul, backhaul, and longhaul applications. 

With modular macro cell backhaul, Microwave Anyhaul backhaul radio units can be deployed in split-mount configuration. This allows for future capacity growth and full outdoor deployments with zero footprint. Compact radios are also available in the E-band and V-band for small cell backhaul. 

Microwave Anyhaul addresses the different variants of Ethernet fronthaul architectures with low latency and high capacity. This enables cost-effective, rapidly deployable cloud RAN architectures. With the ability to deliver high capacity over very long links of up to 150km, it is the market-leading longhaul solution. 

Front, back, and long, Microwave Anyhaul makes 5G smoother and faster on all sides.

Scalable and Diverse

Microwave Anyhaul makes 5G work smarter. Nokia’s best-in-class traffic management with carrier aggregation lets you scale your network up and out. Microwave Anyhaul networking units can accommodate up to 24 radios. This compact footprint makes them easy to scale at minimum cost. 

Microwave Anyhaul supports dynamic, end-to-end service management and network slicing to manage dedicated user groups with individual service level agreements. With network slicing, end users get capacity, latency, reliability, coverage, security, and other network performance characteristics tailored to their specific needs. The user experience is the same as if they were being served by a dedicated physical network built just for them.

Increase Operational Excellence, Not Expense

Microwave Anyhaul’s innovative design ensures operational expenses are kept to a minimum. Existing connections can be flexibly extended with additional capacities and directions. Wide-band and dual-band elements minimize sparing, operational costs, and tower space.

Multi-frequency link aggregation using a single outdoor unit and a single antenna results in direct savings of 20% versus standard solutions, and Nokia’s best-in-class system allows operators to retain around 40% of their existing antennas during network evolution. Plus, with ultra-broadband transceiver wideband, there are direct spares savings of 35%.

Microwave Anyhaul helps businesses optimize the cost efficiency of existing operations. At the same time, it helps prepare for the challenges and service demands of a 5G future.

Microwave Anyhaul for Any Time

Microwave will continue to be an ideal choice as a transport technology because it provides cost-effective 5G capacity and latency that’s relatively easy to deploy. It helps prevent bottlenecks on mission-critical channels and provides uninterrupted service. You can migrate to it seamlessly, as it supports all your voice and data service needs.

Virtualized functions and innovations will enable the rapid creation, optimization, and termination of services. To cope with the changes ahead, microwave transport networks must become more flexible and responsive – and that’s why Nokia has developed Microwave Anyhaul. There’s no more cost-effective or flexible way to deliver the power of 5G, ready for the present and the future.

Infinity Technology Solutions –  a Partner in Microwave Anyhaul

A division of Mobile Communications America, Infinity Technology Solutions specializes in broadband and critical communications infrastructure development. We are a master distributor for Nokia and Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) in the U.S. We help our channel partners create private wireless networks 4G/5G, microwave backhaul systems, IP/MPLS, and optical networking technology. Infinity provides solutions, services, and support through our highly-skilled, in-house staff of critical infrastructure professionals. Our team includes system engineers, project managers, and technicians with extensive knowledge of network and system design who connect today’s technology with tomorrow’s innovations. If you have questions or would like to talk to an Infinity representative, please call (877) 593-8822.

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