Indoor Backhaul

All Indoor Microwave Backhaul Solutions

As master distributors of Nokia’s All Indoor Microwave Backhaul, Infinity Technology Solutions offers the full Nokia Wavence portfolio. Products in the Nokia Wavence catalog include a number of Microwave Packet Transport (MPT) units for long-haul applications in full-indoor configurations.

Nokia’s high-capacity, ultra-broadband transceivers deliver mission-critical support to Enterprises and Service Providers. Built for long-distance and great capacity, Nokia’s MPT-HLC units are flexible and can be scaled to prop up a seamless TDM-to-packet migration path for an all indoor microwave backhaul.

All individual MPT-HLC units can be integrated on the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP), enabling operators to manage their entire Wavence portfolio across the full range of their packet microwave networks. When combined with the Wavence Service Switch, Nokia’s MPTs are the gold standard for the delivery of fast, efficient wireless transmission with flexible networking for indoor microwave.

The Benefits of All Indoor Microwave Backhaul

While the industry has tended to focus on outdoor applications of microwave backhaul, the technology is especially well-suited for indoor applications.

With the coming of 5G broadband, capacity requirements will increase, and Nokia’s microwave backhaul technology has grown to meet these capacity demands. At the forefront of the 5G evolution, Nokia’s microwave transmission capabilities have become more compressed, with frequency bands of 60 and 80 GHz, 100% Carrier Aggregation, and an increase in QAM modulation rates of up to 4096. All of this translates to higher capacities and lower latencies.

While slightly more expensive in terms of initial setup, indoor microwave backhaul is significantly cheaper to expand and much easier to service. With indoor microwave backhaul, adding channels is simply a matter of installing additional units in your cabinet.

Infinity Technology Solutions: Your Premier All Indoor Microwave Backhaul Providers

As your premier All Indoor Microwave Backhaul Providers, Infinity Technology Solutions offers:

Engineering – Planning, designing, and staging, along with installation and cutover for your indoor microwave backhaul system.

Project Management – Addressing scope and cost management, scheduling, site development, and system training.

System Integration – Infinity offers full interoperability with all IP protocols to implement our solutions with any legacy system.

Maintenance – Infinity provides the full Nokia warranty, as well as ongoing maintenance support and service programs.

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