Experts Attend WISPA 2022 Conference

From March 14th-March 17th 2022, Paris of the South will play host to WISPA’s (the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association) annual conference—WISPAMERICA 2022. WISPAMERICA brings together a who’s who of WISP internet providers and WISP wireless experts for this four-day extravaganza.

As the leading WISP conference and tradeshow in North America, none of this year’s attendees will need to look hard for their proverbial WISP access point. With over 1,000 attendees, 2022’s conference will feature more than 50 panels packed with WISP experts eager to share their knowledge of technological innovations, operational tips, the international market and current regulatory landscape, and much more. 

In addition to receiving expert advice on a variety of important and consequential topics on how to succeed a creating a WISP in our current economic climate and technological ecosystem, WISPAMERICA 2022 will provide attendees with the opportunity to check out the newest products, software, and services from more than 100 exhibitors on the vendor show floor.

Networking with your fellow WISP internet providers and learning about state-of-the-art industry technologies, events sponsored by WISPA—particularly the annual conference and the previous year’s WISPAPALOOZA—give WISP businesses a leg up on the competition, bringing together thought leaders, professionals, and top product and service vendors across the industry of broadband solutions’ ecosystem. 

WISPA has been hosting these conferences for some time, and the turnout has always impressed us at Infinity Technology Solutions. At last year’s conference in Las Vegas, WISP entrepreneurs, enterprises, and professionals were treated to more than 90 panels and 160 exhibition vendors. What happens at a WISPA conference doesn’t stay at a WISPA conference, and we took home many great ideas on how to better serve our customers with WISP wireless solutions.

In New Orleans at WISPAMERICA, Infinity will have a booth on the vendor show floor with other exhibitors. We offer our customers solutions ranging from IP and optical networking to private LTE, and as a leader in WISP wireless, our business is particularly focused on microwave backhaul.

As a master distributor of Nokia’s Wavence microwave portfolio, we offer comprehensive solutions for short-haul, long-haul, E-Band, and SDN for both enterprise and service providers. With the emergence of 5G, capacity and coverage requirements will increase, and Infinity, as a company, has positioned itself to meet the demands for expanding 5G to remote suburban and rural locations.

Microwave technology that maximizes radiolink performance in order to provide last-mile coverage has undergone nothing short of a revolution over the past several years: in the packet microwave and long-haul industry segment lower latency and higher capacity has been a function of now operating on frequency bands of 60-80 GHz, 100% Carrier Aggregation capabilities, and a sharp increase in QAM modulation rates of up to 4096.

Effective 5G mobile transport is central to the identity and mission of Infinity as a premier WISP internet solutions provider. We look forward to sharing information about our products and services with other businesses, professionals, and major players in the WISP wireless industry at the conference in New Orleans next month.

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