Infinity to Exhibit at Georgia Emergency Communications Conference in 2022

Public Safety Agencies’ Source for Communications Solutions

The Georgia Chapter of the Association for Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) is among the oldest and largest nonprofits committed to strengthening public safety communications. APCO International has dedicated itself to serving the people who manage, operate, and deliver the communications systems used to protect the lives of citizens across the globe.

With a membership of more than 35,000, APCO International has made it their mission to assist and support the operators, managers, as well as those who build and maintain public safety communications systems. For law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, fire departments, and other public safety agencies, APCO offers the expertise, professional development and training, technical guidance, and advocacy these agencies need to continue to respond quickly and expertly to emergencies.

From February 28th to March 3rd, 2022, the Classic Center in Athens, GA will host the chapter of Georgia APCO’s annual Georgia Emergency Communications Conference (GECC). This year’s conference will feature a number of noted speakers in the field of emergency communications on topics ranging from Next Generation 911 (NG911) to creating a resilient public safety command center.

GECC will also welcome vendors who create the technological solutions that enable public safety agencies to stay in contact as they respond to emergencies in the field, foster a communications ecosystem that allows operators at command centers to receive and dispatch orders, and provide managers with the information necessary to meet the challenges of keeping the public safe today, and into the foreseeable future.

Infinity Technology Solutions will be exhibiting their communications solutions for public safety at this year’s GECC conference. Public safety agencies have increasingly come to rely on mobile computing to carry out their vital role in protecting citizens. Today, emergency first responders, law enforcement officers, and  firefighters depend on their tablets, portable computers, and mobile video cameras to do their jobs. 

As master distributors of Nokia’s Wavence portfolio, Infinity delivers communication solutions to public safety agencies across the United States in the form of last-mile Microwave Backhaul, Optical Networking and Transport, and Microwave Management systems. 

Nokia’s high-capacity, ultra-broadband transceivers, easy-to-use management systems, and optical networking technologies,  offer mission-critical support to our partners in public safety. 

At Infinity, we understand that collaboration is key to building on and sustaining the Peach State’s reputation as a leader in public safety communications.

We invite all conference attendees to stop by our booth to learn more about our solutions to building a more robust communications system for public safety. As a vendor at this GECC 2022, we would love to meet up for lunch or dinner to discuss how our cost-friendly solutions can help your public safety agency.

Fill out our contact form to schedule a time to meet up with the members of our team that will be in attendance.

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