Networking for Utilities: IoT, Automation, and the Digital Transformation

From April 26th-April 28th, 2022, the ENTELEC Association, the world’s most notable energy operator member association, will gather for their Annual Spring Conference and Expo. ENTELEC members work diligently to ensure compliance, and provide efficiency, security, and innovation to the utility industry. Whether your company is in the business of petroleum, pipelines, natural gas, or electricity, ENTELEC offers expert guidance on how to leverage technology to make your operations run more smoothly and safely.

The ENTELEC Conference and Expo is a forum for industry leaders and innovators in telecom, information technology, the digital transformation, IIoT, automation, cybersecurity, AI/ML, and cloud and edge computing. We will share and provide:

  • Industry Networking Opportunities, Engagement, and the Exchange of Ideas
  • In-Depth Training Opportunities
  • The Latest in Emerging Technologies and Solutions
  • A Solutions-Based Vendor Resources Exhibit Hall

For more than 90 years, the ENTELEC Association has offered a platform for industry leaders in energy to come together and share the latest technological advancements in the field through presentations, training seminars, and exhibitions. The 2022 ENTELEC Conference and Expo in Houston, TX this April is  where to be if you want to know more about telecom solutions for our industry, as well as how advances in networking and information technology are changing the landscape and business model for utilities.

At this year’s ENTELEC Conference and Expo, we invite you to take the opportunity to attend their panel discussions, high-level keynote speaker events, and our ever popular vendor “shoot-out” debates.  Their speakers will discuss current challenges facing the industry, propose solutions to these challenges, offer tactics to increase productivity across the utilities (as well as your bottom line) and think about the evolving influence of technology in the energy sector.

One of the things that makes the Annual ENTELEC Spring Conference unique is its Technical Education Program, featuring 30+ hours of “hands-on” training along the following tracks:

  • Cloud Computing and Applications
  • Cyber and Physical Security
  • Utility Networking and Communication Infrastructure
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • FCC/Towers and Regulations
  • Digitization, AI, and Other Emerging Technologies
  • Edge Computing
  • IIoT and Field Communications
  • Offshore Communications

For the complete ENTELEC Conference and Expo Education and Training Schedule, click here.

Nokia will serve as one of the primary sponsors of the ENTELEC Association’s Annual Conference this year. As master distributors of Nokia Solutions, Infinity TDC has partnered with energy companies large and small to offer IP Networking,  bringing Nokia’s patented silicon routers, Service Router Operating System (SR OS), and multi-vendor integration to provide energy companies the best in routing from the core to the edge of their facilities.

Additionally, Infinity Technology Solutions offers energy companies microwave solutions for internet connectivity in remote locations lacking traditional Wifi connections. We also provide optical networking and transport solutions for faster, more reliable data and voice communication across the expanse of your operations.

We are also a preferred vendor of the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud, a private LTE platform that gives our customers in the utilities a completely secure end-to-end private broadband solution. Among the many topics covered at the ENTELEC Association’s Annual Conference this year, we will discuss cybersecurity. Although the memories of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack has faded from public view over the past year, criminal cyberattacks on utilities remain as serious a concern to us as it is to you. 

In the energy industry, a private LTE network such as the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud provides a level of protection against the 50% increase in cyberattacks against utilities since 2018.  

We look forward to discussing networking, digital automation, security, and the next wave in the digital transformation of the energy sector with our colleagues at the ENTELEC conference. 

Fill out our contact form to schedule a time to meet up with the members of our team attending this year’s event.

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